Top Air Duct Cleaning Katy TX Providers

Top Air Duct Cleaning Katy TX Providers


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Have you been getting spammed with those duct cleaning ads? You are probably getting them in the mail and you are probably seeing them all over the Internet. This is because more and more homeowners are growing aware of the benefits of maintaining excellent air quality in their home.

Not only will better air quality make your home healthier, but it will improve the overall quality of life in the home. Despite what many people will tell you this is a scientifically proven fact. However, there is one thing that you need to know. Not all of these companies are created equal and there is a reason that their prices seem too good to be true.

This is why we want to take the time to introduce the local residents of Katy, Texas to our air duct cleaning company Pure Airways Houston and show them what we have to offer.

Transparency Is Key With Our Air Duct Cleaning Katy TX Company

The reason those prices on those duct cleaning ads seem too good to be true is because they are. These companies lure people in by promising low prices, but there is always some kind of stipulation involved. If you look at the very fine print you will probably see that they are only quoting you a price for cleaning one or two vents.

The point of the matter is, there are going to be tons of hidden fees and when the job is done you are going to be left holding a hefty bill with no way to dispute it because the work is already complete. That is not how our company does business. We are completely transparent and give upfront quotes. When we quote you a price, you can rest assured that when the job is completed that will be the price that you pay.

We Do A Thorough Job

Another thing that you need to know about duct cleaning is that in order for it to be effective the job must be completed thoroughly. For instance, if the company just cleans the ducts and doesn’t clean the registers or the unit itself, you are simply just defeating the purpose.

Only cleaning the duct without entirely cleaning the unit will simply just leave you with clean ducts. If the unit is dirt or contains mold particles, you are simply going to introduce them back into the system when the unit kicks on. This is why our techs are 100% thorough. At Pure Airways Houston, we not only clean the ducts and registers, but we cleaning the coils and the blower wheel as well. We want to make sure that we set you up for success and remove every possible containment.

Our Company Finds And Seals Leaks

It is true that ducts are going to get dirty over time regardless of what you do. This is just simply like driving your car. No matter what you do it will eventually need to be washed. That being said, you might be surprised to learn that 90% of the time the ducts in the home are usually overly dirty because the duct system has cracks and leaks.

katy vent Cleaning

This is why when our salesman comes out to quote you a price he will perform a seal test on the system. This test will allow him to identify and locate any leaks or crack that are present in the system. He will then make notes of this so that our techs can seal these leaks and cracks before performing the cleaning. This is just one of the many things that make our air duct cleaning Katy TX company superior to the competition.

We Are Licensed And Insured

There are also plenty of duct cleaning companies out there that aren’t licensed and insured. It is true that you really don’t need a license to perform duct cleanings, but a company that has a license has gone through the proper steps and channels.

When you see a company that is licensed it means that they have passed tests and meet qualifications that are required by the EPA and Duct Cleaning Board. In addition to this, our insurance will cover you and your home in the event that there is any bodily harm or property damage.

Of course, our techs are extremely careful and take all the necessary precautions to ensure that they don’t damage anything, but there are times when accidents happen. We just want our customers to know that we are covered to handle these events shall they rise.

We Use Microbial Solutions

You also need to be aware of the fact that there are some companies out there that will simply clean your ducts with cleaning solutions that can be purchased at the local hardware store. Of course, these solutions are great cleaning agents, but they don’t have the power or properties to kill out mold spores. Our company uses all the latest technology and cleaning solutions that have the power to eliminate those troublesome microbes.

Our Company Does It All

Katy is a beautiful city that is located within the Houston area. It is approximately centered at the tripoint of Harris, Fort Bend, and Waller counties. In 2010 the census for the area was 14,102. In 2000 the census was 11,775. This means that the area is growing and there are a lot of exciting opportunities in the area for both business oriented people and contractors. Whether you are looking to move to a thriving area and open a business or purchase a new home in the area, you need to know that the new construction stage can be hazardous to the duct system.

The duct system is usually installed early on because it is installed between the walls and floors, which means that the duct will be exposed to drywall dust and other debris that enters the air duct the new construction phase. Just because you purchase a new home or office building you should assume that the ducts won’t need cleaning. Our company has all the tools and necessary equipment to successfully and thoroughly clean new homes and office buildings as well as existing homes and office buildings.

We service those zip codes in Katy Texas

77494, 77493, 77449, 77450, 77492

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Does Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Work Well?

As being a homeowner it truly is remarkably probably that you’ve pondered the considered receiving a commercial vent cleaning. It is actually correct that the home air duct cleaning industry is growing on a day by day foundation as a lot more and even more persons have gotten aware of the worth of indoor air high quality. Even so, you continue to is likely to be rather over the fence about using the services of air duct cleaners simply because you really don’t seriously know just about anything about commercial air duct cleaning and its performance. Properly that is certainly accurately what you are gonna understand below.

Knowledge What exactly An Air Duct Cleaning Is

Properly, before you decide to make a decision just about anything you really have to have to grasp the principle of an air duct cleaning. When all commercial vent cleaning organizations do items a bit differently, the vent cleaning system is quite a lot common. Vent cleaners are going to arrive while in the house, shut off your system, and tap into the supply aspect in the ductwork having a significant HEPA vacuum cleaner. They can then block off many of the registers inside the property, though leaving the person furthest within the device open up. They’ll start out right here with an air compressor and brushes doing work their way in the direction of the vent closest to the unit. The speculation would be to push each of the filth dust toward the HEPA vacuum.

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Services Are more Than simply Cleaning

Commercial air duct cleaning services are there to accomplish a lot more than just cleanse your vents. Most owners just assume that getting a vent cleaning is just about getting the vents cleaned, but that’s not totally the situation. When cleaning and inspecting the vents, the staff of educated experienced can place leaks cracks and likely long-run issues with the ductwork. This can be almost certainly why your system is soiled during the to start with put. These industry experts can notify you of these issues and make each of the required repairs. This may improve the air do away with your soiled duct issue and improve the general efficiency of one’s duct technique.

Guaranteed Outcomes – Commercial Duct Cleaning Services

Are you a company proprietor who cares regarding the overall health of one’s staff and prospects? If that is so, have you ever at any time regarding what type of working natural environment your workforce is doing the job in? It’s an incontrovertible fact that most performing environments have inadequate air quality, particularly production amenities and car garages. The particles in the procedure procedures go instantly into your HVAC unit. The particles are made up of dangerous contaminants, probably mildew, chemical substances and dust, which might be all currently being inhaled by you, your buyers and staff.
The true secret to enhancing your functioning environment is air duct cleaning commercial, that’s confirmed to work. Commercial duct cleaning services will remove every one of the contaminants hiding within your HVAC duct procedure.

Is Air Duct Cleaning Obtainable – Air Vent Cleaning

No matter where you live, you’ll want to have entry to air duct cleaning. Whenever you conduct a duct cleaning near me online search, you might learn a listing of corporations that supply this provider. Although some providers will work independently, others will likely supply a wide range of HVAC expert services, such as repairs and installations. So, in case you are thinking of having your air duct cleaned, by all indicates tend not to delay. This method features various gains such as:
•Improved air high-quality
•Reduced dress in and tear on HVAC unit
•Keeps strength charges to some minimal
•Removes contaminants that trigger allergy symptoms

Protect Your own Equipment

HVAC units are often incredibly high priced. It really is in the greatest fascination to only pay back for your device once within your everyday living. So that you can do this, you are intending to need to have to take suitable care of the HVAC technique. To accomplish that, you may need to execute regular vent cleanings. In case the ducts have crammed a total of dirt and debris, your system will probably really have to operate considerably, considerably harder to maintain your home warm or cold. By getting rid of the particles, you will be able to be certain that much a lot less stress and force are placed on the technique. In return, this may significantly prolong the lifespan of one’s HVAC device. That way too can help you save a major sum of money while in the long operate.

Air Duct Cleaning Near Me Keeps Your House Cleaner

Why would anyone want to try to find air duct cleaning me? The reality of your make a difference is the fact that you will find tons of reasons. You ought to recognize that indoor air good quality is taken into account much much more polluted that out of doors air. One particular of the primary leads to for this is often the dirt and debris stashed away as part of your ductwork. If you do not do a thing concerning this, it’s going to trigger severe difficulties. The dirt will probably enter your private home, lay on the possessions and acquire into your lungs.
Air duct cleaning companies and their vent cleaning will help. At the time they’ve cleaned your property, you won’t stress about cleaning up a great deal of dust. Following all, your HVAC system won’t be blowing dust and filth into your house anymore.

Air Duct Cleaning Services Prevent Money

Duct cleaning services can be immensely beneficial for varied uses. Air duct cleaning commercial will help shield all your family members from allergy difficulties, even though also extending the lifespan of your HVAC procedure. More importantly, a vent cleaning service will
truly help you save cash inside the extended run. Vent cleaners are capable of cleaning out the filth and particles. This guarantees that your HVAC system will never really need to work so hard to maintain your house comfy. By holding the HVAC technique off for so long as possible, you will be able to save funds on your electrical bill without having to obtain to sweat or freeze.
Suffice to mention, looking for duct cleaning near me is highly recommended.

Duct Cleaning How frequently?

While you should previously recognize, duct cleaning is usually a necessity. Given that that is an actuality, it is the perfect time to learn how frequently it is best to be having to pay for duct cleanings. When you have not experienced your ducts cleaned inside of a very long time, you require completing so instantly. If you have been experiencing asthma or allergy challenges, receiving the ducts cleaning ideal now could be a must. Or else, you’ll want to try to have your ductwork cleaned a minimum of every single a few yrs. This should be adequate to circumvent difficulties.


Many people are skeptical about air duct cleaning services. Immediately after all, you will find tons of rumors and falsehoods to choose from about duct cleaning services. In fact, you can obtain a whole lot from the cash by employing experienced air duct cleaners. With their aid in addition to an extensive home air duct cleaning, you will have the capacity to relaxation assured figuring out that your family members will continue being overall health and that your HVAC system will run a little bit longer. Shelling out for just a vent cleaning service is ultimately a good idea. Just make certain that you select just one from the reputable and reliable air duct cleaning companies close to you and also the vent cleaning is going to be perfectly worth it.


Air Duct Cleaning – Just what Requirements for being Cleaned and also The reason why

Just what exactly pieces for your a / c procedure really need to be cleaned, and why?
To reply that issue we must get started within the commencing by using a brief glimpse at how the AC process lowers the temperature and humidity in your house.

  • The air handler device may be the major element for your AC and is particularly ordinarily positioned within an attic or even a closet. We are going to look at the massive issue exterior your own home afterward. The nice and cozy air is pulled in on your AC device coming from your Return Air Grill (the one which has the filter you normally ignore to switch). The filter only gets rid of a portion of the dust and particles coming into your AC. Whether it is also restrictive, it would not let ample air for being drawn in along with your AC are unable to sustain although making an attempt to chill your own home. And for the reason, that normal residence collects in excess of forty kilos for dust a 12 months (Find out Journal), in excess of time the dust builds up to the partitions for the return air ducts.
  • The air is certainly drawn in via the blower while in the most important device and compelled coming from the cooling coils. The cooling coils really are chilled with the refrigerant that operates through the use of them, and every time the air passes above them they get rid of warmth in the air. Also the surplus humidity while in the air condenses on them a great deal a similar way the humidity from the very hot shower condenses within the rather great lavatory mirror, and so the coils lessen the humidity together with the temperature for the air in your house.
  • The cooling coils really are tubes that snake again and really are various rows thick, plus the undeniable fact that they are actually generally soaked helps make them a great put available for filth to build up. The air you breathe is passing in excess of this filth, plus the extra it builds up the greater it restricts the air stream through the use of the coils. The filth also coats the coils, hence the air remaining drawn throughout them has become coming in touch together with the filth alternatively for the colder coils. Like a consequence, fewer warmth and humidity is far away from your air. Significantly less air is passing from your AC, and fewer warmth and humidity is getting far away from that air. Your AC has got to operate for a longer time, get the job done more durable, and use additional vitality to chill your private home.
  • Immediately after passing coming from the coils the air enters the plenum box, to which all for ductwork that feed your AC vents is hooked up. The air flows from the box, into your ductwork, and again into your private home, depositing filth and particles together how.
  • And how about the massive point outside the house? It is actually known as the condenser coil. Once the warmth with the air in your house is absorbed through the refrigerant from the cooling coils, the refrigerant flows out into the condenser coil wherever, in the perception, the warmth is squeezed out for the refrigerant and blown to the air. In case you set your hand around the supporter on prime for the device, you’ll be able to basically experience the warmth which was extracted from a dwelling currently being blown absent. None for the air in your house is available in connection with these coils, just the refrigerant. Nonetheless, it is very important to maintain these coils clean up and crystal clear for any vines or other vegetation increasing far too intently, making sure that the coils can swiftly and competently clear away warmth within the refrigerant to save lots of you electricity and funky your private home.

The Benefit for Air Duct Cleaning

The underside line is an unclean AC process not merely can compromise the air that you choose to breathe, it may possibly also elevate utility costs, set extra use and tear on your own AC, and enable it to be far more tricky to keep the residence at ease. You may see from this primer that it’s essential to clear your overall AC procedure which air duct cleaning by itself just isn’t more than enough.
It is usually crucial that you understand that in several states, like Texas, only firms who really are accredited because of the point out can obtain and clean up all elements of the AC process. Organizations without having a license can only cleanse whatever they can access from AC vents! Inside our view, that might become a squander for time and expense.


Reasons Dryer Vent Cleaning In Houston Is A Necessity Twice A Year

HVAC tune-ups, roof inspections, and gutter cleaning are only a few things among the long list of maintenance tasks that come with owning a home. However, the real truth is that sometimes those most crucial maintenance tasks are the most overlooked ones. While you might change your HVAC filters on a regular basis, check the thermostat, and clean the gutters regularly, when is the last time that you thought about your dryer vent? We are talking about more than just simply cleaning this lint trap because this is something that you do every time you dry a load of clothes. In fact, most homeowners don’t realize that dryer vent cleaning Houston requires more than just cleaning out the lint trap.

A clogged or inoperable dryer vent not only costs you money on your energy bills, but it can also pose a threat to your life and home. You would be surprised at how many homes burn down each year due to clogged dryer vents, which could have been avoided with a dryer vent cleaning Houston.

Prevents Nesting Animals

The duct hood flap, which is located on the outside of the home, is also another overlooked aspect of dryer vents. When the dryer is operating the hood flap will automatically open, so that the dryer exhaust fumes are dispersed outdoors. However, if the lint buildup becomes too great or the hood flap becomes inoperable this might cause the flap to not open and close properly. If you have a duct flap that is stuck open this could be an invitation to tons of small different rodents like birds and rats. Rats can get into the vent and completely chew through it, whereas bird will tend to build nests.

However, when you hire Pure Airways Houston TX to perform a dryer vent cleaning Houston this is something that our techs will check. Out techs always make sure that the hood flap is operable, so you don’t have to worry about rodents nesting to chewing through your vent.

clogged dryer vent

Broken Vent Pipe

In most cases your dryer vent will run through the crawl space or basement and terminate outdoors. If the vent becomes damaged or develops a leak all that lint will just build up in the basement or crawl space. Of course, this doesn’t pose a risk to the dryer causing a fire, but it is going to cause quite the mess in your basement and crawl space. Here at Pure Airways Houston TX, we make sure that our techs carry the most common repair and replacement parts on their trucks and vans in case they run into a situation like this.

Stocked with the most common parts and tools our tech can make all the necessary repairs and replacements that they need to right on the spot.

Houston Dryer Vent Cleaning To Perfection

Believe it or not, there is nothing more dangerous than a clogged dryer vent. When this occurs, the lint and other debris will build up inside the vent, eventually causing it to block off the airflow from the dryer. Sometimes the lint becomes so thick that it will press up against the onboard heater inside the dryer. This is extremely dangerous because if the lint comes into contact with the heating strips, it will up catching fire. Instead of taking these risks, you should immediately contact one of the best Houston dryer venting service providers. Our company is fully prepared to tackle even the dirtiest dryer vent.

We utilize small rotary brushes and vacuum cleaners to break down and suction out the debris from the venting system. Dryer vent cleaning Houston TX has never been approached in such a unique manner before now.

dryer vent system

Dryer Vent Cleaning Houston TX Service Available The Same Day

We understand how frustrating it can be to know that your home is at risk of a potential fire due to a clogged dryer vent. It is not like you can just stop laundering your clothes, instead, you will need to contact our office and inquire about our Houston dryer vent cleaning services. If you are unfamiliar with the cleaning process, one of our technicians will gladly come out to your home and explain it to you. We will also provide you with a free in-home inspection, which can be scheduled for the same day you contact our office.

In order for the process to be effective, it must be performed by one of our dryer vent cleaning Houston TX technicians. Depending on the size of your home, the duct cleaning service process can be completed in a matter of a few hours. Larger homes will require more time, because the dryer vent system will be more extensive, which means it will be filled with more debris.

Dyer Vent Cleaning Offered At An Affordable Price

We offer competitive pricing for our dryer vent cleaning services. Unlike other companies, we never price gouge just because a customer is in dire need of this service. Instead, we offer not only affordable pricing, but will also lend an ear to listen to your concerns. Our team is more than willing to walk you through this process and ensure you that we can complete it in a timely manner, so you can return to your normal routine. We also highly recommend comparing our prices with other service providers in Houston, just to make sure we are being honest and forthcoming.

Our affordable prices cannot be beaten and if you find another provider that offers it for a cheaper price, you should be aware of potential scammers. We never require payment upfront for this service and will provide you with a written agreement with a price quote that will not change under any circumstance.

dryer vent cleaning services

Reliable And Trustworthy

Our dryer vent cleaners are not only reliable, but also very trustworthy. If you are unable to take the day off work or reschedule an appointment, we will still perform the dryer vent cleaning. Our technicians will pick up your house key at your place of employment or wherever you may be, prior to the scheduled appointment. Once the dryer vent is completely clean, the technicians will return the key to you. This is service with a smile that is rarely offered by any service provider.


Our Houston Air Duct Cleaning Service Keeps Your Allergies At Bay

Hello and welcome to Pure Airways Houston TX. Are you the type of individual that suffers from extreme allergy problems? Do you frequently find yourself waking up in the middle of the night scratching your eyes? While these problems could easily be linked to other causes, they may also be caused by your home’s air ducts. The good news is that you’ve found the best Houston air duct cleaning firm! Our duct cleaning Houston team will be able to solve your problem and help you keep your allergies at bay. Below, you will learn more about us and how our service can help you remain free of allergy problems.

Problems With Filthy Air Duct Houston

When it comes down to it, your home’s air ducts are going to get dirty over a period of time. Even if you sweep, mop and vacuum 24 hours a day, dust and debris will still find a way to enter your home’s duct system. When these things begin to accumulate, they can become very problematic. This is definitely the case when the HVAC unit is switched on. With the unit blowing air into your home, all of the dust inside of your duct system will also be blown into your home. This is why air duct cleaning Houston Texas is pertinent and should be carried out at least one or two times a year.

Filthy Air Duct Houston

Dust Mite Allergies

Dust is a major contributor to allergies. If you happen to suffer from a scratchy throat, watery eyes, runny nose, or anything similar, it is highly likely that your home has too much dust. We are the most experienced vent cleaning Houston firm and our team will be able to solve this problem for you once and for all. Our team offers air duct cleaning in Houston and our services can dramatically reduce the quantity of dust found inside of your home. After you’ve allowed our air duct cleaning Houston team to clean your ducts, your allergy problems will be greatly reduced.

About Our Air Duct Cleaning Houston TX Service

If you’re looking for a Houston duct cleaning firm, you’ve come to the right place. We truly strive to offer the most effective and affordable duct cleaning Houston TX has! Once you’ve made contact with us and have scheduled an appointment, it is only a matter of time before we’ll arrive at your home and clean your ducts. We offer the most effective air duct cleaning in Houston TX, because we actually care about the consumer. We’ll do everything in our power to ensure the client’s ducts are cleaned to absolute perfection.

While our duct cleaning Houston services are undeniably great for eliminating your allergies, they deliver a wide assortment of other benefits too. Our services keep your HVAC unit in great condition, while simultaneously helping to improve its efficiency and keeping your electric bill to a minimum.

How Our Houston Air Duct Cleaning Reduces Allergy Problems

So, how exactly can our air duct cleaning Houston firm help to eliminate your allergies once and for all? As mentioned above, your home’s ducts are likely crawling with dust mites. When your HVAC unit is turned on and is blowing air into your home, these dust mites will enter your home and cause you severe discomfort. Our air duct Houston team will fix this for you. We follow the strictest Houston duct cleaning protocols to ensure your ducts are cleaned thoroughly, while also preventing the escaping debris from entering into your home’s atmosphere.

Once we’ve finished air duct cleaning Houston Texas home, you can guarantee that a number of dust mites found in your home will be dramatically reduced. This will allow you to breathe a little easier, while also experiencing far fewer allergy problems.

Severe Allergies Suffers And Air Duct Cleaning Houston

If you’re the type of individual that suffers from severe and frequent allergy problems, you’ll want to work with our Houston air duct cleaning firm on a regular basis. We offer the most reliable air duct cleaning Houston TX has to offer. The recommended frequency of carrying out air duct cleaning in Houston depends on a few factors, including your home and your allergies. If your home is very dusty and hasn’t had a Houston duct cleaning in a long time, it is best to perform cleanings on a more frequent basis.

For everyone else, a vent cleaning Houston or two a year should suffice. Our duct cleaning Houston expert will consult with you extensively to figure out what is best for you and your family. Rest assured knowing our vent cleaning Houston experts are always looking out for the best interests of our clients!

Other Reasons To Invest In Our Duct Cleaning Houston TX

As the leading air duct cleaning Houston TX firm, we’re always happy to help our clients and we’re proud to say that our services offer a wealth of benefits. When clients take advantage of our air duct cleaning in Houston TX, they’ll receive a variety of benefits. For instance, our duct cleaning Houston TX firm is capable of helping the consumer decrease their electricity bill. Simultaneously, our air duct Houston team will provide you with services that greatly extend the service life of your home’s HVAC system.

Air Duct Cleaning Houston TX Service

Our air duct cleaning Houston Texas services are cost effective and truly well worth the investment. We strongly believe that our services are far better than what is offered by our rivals.

Ready For Your Air Duct Cleaning In Houston?

Are you ready to begin the process of cleaning your ducts? Rest assured knowing Pure Airways Houston TX offers the most affordable air duct cleaning in Houston TX. While our prices are reasonable, we would also like you to know that our company stands by our guarantees. We always put in one hundred and ten percent to provide our clients with a great service that will continue providing them with major benefits for many years to come. Simultaneously, our firm is responsive and always ready to go. When you’re ready to go, we’ll be there to help you.


Warning Signs Of A Clogged Dryer Vent And Why Maintenance Is Important

Could you imagine coming home to watch your house burn into ashes and later learn that the fire could have been completely prevented with a Houston dryer vent cleaning Service? According to recent studies, the dryer is a common household appliance that causes more than 15,500 household fires each year, and the number only continues to increase. This is why we here at Pure Airways want to stress the importance of proper dryer vent cleaning in Houston TX. Months and months after operating your dryer lint and other debris build-up in the dryer vent, which eventually reduces the airflow and backs ups gasses that eventually lead to a fire.

Houston dryer vent cleaning Service

All of this can be avoided with a thorough Houston dryer vent cleaning, but that is not all that it can do. A through dryer duct cleaning can actually put money back in your pocket by improving the efficiency of your dryer and increasing its lifespan throughout the years. Below you will learn important warning signs that could indicate that you need a dryer duct cleaning in Houston TX and the importance of proper maintenance.

Takes Longer And Longer To Dry Clothes

When you are dealing with a clogged dryer vent in Houston Texas our techs will tell you that the most common sign is drying time. With a clogged dryer vent it will take double or sometimes triple the amount of time to dry your clothes that it would normally take. You will probably also notice that your clothes are not completely dry at the end of each cycle.

The reason this happens is because a dryer is designed to push out hot air to dry your clothes, but when the vent has blocked the air just sits in the chamber of the dryer. This not only causes your dryer to run twice as long, but it puts more wear and tears on your dryer, which can greatly decrease the lifespan of your machine. This also causes you to use more electricity, which can increase your electric bill.

Outside Of The Dryer And Clothing Gets Extremely Hot

Two more common signs that can indicate that you need a dryer duct cleaning are extremely hot clothing and extreme temperatures around the dryer. Out techs have been in homes where the dryer was getting so hot that you could literally not touch it after a cycle. What this means is, that your dryer is not exhausting, as it should. This is not only dangerous and a waste of energy, but it can cause the heating elements to burn out much quicker than they normally would.

cleaning dryer vent in Houston TX

Burning Smell

When you are running your dryer if you smell a burning smell this is a very good indication that you need to look for dryer vent cleaning services in Houston TX. You should be aware of the fact that lint is a very flammable material and when it builds up in the exhaust tube it can get so hot that it will catch on fire. Also, remember that you need to check and clean the lint trap on a daily basis as well. Anytime you smell a burning smell when operating your dryer, you need to completely shut the machine off and contact a dryer vent cleaner as soon as possible.

However, just because you smell a burning smell when operating the dryer it does not necessarily mean that you are dealing with a clogged vent. When you choose to use our Houston dryer vent cleaning services it doesn’t truly matter what is going on with your dryer because our techs are very well versed in their field and know how to troubleshoot any problem that could arise.

Properly Opening Vent Hood

Another red flag that any good dryer vent cleaner will tell you to keep an eye out for is the vent hood. Every dryer vent will exhaust outdoors somewhere, and there is usually lint located around the area. However, if you notice that the vent is completely clogged with lint and the hood flap will not properly open, as it was designed to, this is a good indication that you need to start looking for a Houston dryer vent cleaner.

One Year Since Cleaning Dryer Vent

While there are a lot of different dryer vent cleaning services that will suggest and recommend different times, we here are Pure Airways Houston TX recommend that you have your vents inspected at least once every year. By having your vents inspected one a year by a dryer vent cleaner this can greatly reduce the chances of a fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. With tons of different Houston dryer vent cleaning services available the prices are going to vary, but we pride ourselves on being the best and providing our customers with the very best services possible. Cleaning dryer vent is something that we specialize in and do on a daily basis, so there isn’t any situation that we haven’t seen before.

Cleaning The Vent On Your Own

When it comes to cleaning dryer vent in Houston TX on your own there are a lot of brush kits available, but we, as professionals would not recommend taking this step. A clean dryer vent pipe is imperative to a properly operating dryer and without the proper knowledge, it is possible that you could only cause further damage. For instance, when trying to clean dryer vent pipe it is possible that you could poke a hole in your clean dryer duct and cause all the lint to run into the crawl space or basement. While the dryer will run as if it is operating off a clean dryer duct all the lint is just going to build up in your basement or crawl space, which will just lead to more problems.

Replacing Existing Vent With Clean Dryer Vent Pipe

Just because your dryer or vent is showing the signs and symptoms that were mentioned above it does not necessarily mean that you need a clean dryer duct. In fact, it could mean that your vent is damaged and needs to be completely replaced, which is something that our techs are capable of. All of our techs carry the tools and materials right on their truck to repair or replace most existing vent pipes in the event that this is something that needs to be done.